Every once in a while, we hear this phrase used when something amazing and rare happens…’It was a perfect storm!’. Often times it’s used to describe something catastrophic or bad. But it’s also used to describe a beautiful coming together of experiences and events and life changes which produce something wonderful…something good! So it is with Michael Koth and his life affirming vision and creation of MyPhsyicology.com.
I know Michael personally. He was an excellent guest on my radio show, A Good Fit. He’s Crew at G-Force Workout. He is a teacher. A guide. A healer. And a friend. I have the pleasure of watching Michael walk his talk in his interactions, his caring and giving to others.

I hope you’ll take a few moments to visit MyPhysicology.com and get to know Michael Koth. I know by doing so myself, I have enriched my own life…body, mind, soul.


Ted Guice

Teacher, Owner-Operator, Ted Guice Fitness

Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going. As always, thank you, Michael… for a kick-ass workout! –Heidi M.

Heidi M.

To my amazement, when I was willing and ready to end my pain and suffering and embark on this journey of self-discovery, my physical issues began to resolve themselves. Today, I have very little Ezcema remaining, but if it does begin to show, I am usually able to trace it to the root cause and limit its effects on my body. This is what Physicology is to me… 

Kent S.

I was skeptical about getting a trainer. I was suffering from a knee and back injury and wasn’t in the mood for the typical “gym pitch” from an aggressive salesman. But Michael could not have been more perfect. First, he listened with empathy. Next, Having a Ph.D. in physiology, he spoke about more than just the body, but about the mind and the soul.
I realized that I was in for a real-life change and not just the typical short term beach body. Michael and I really connected and I committed to giving him my full trust for six months. It paid off big time. I went from 210 to 180 and dropped from 24 percent body fat to under 10 percent body fat. Best of all, I have increased energy and a new attitude on life.
Michael’s training was not just “lift this lift that,” it was about a totally spiritual experience.

Bobby B.

I followed the instruction to discover, discuss, and discard. This has been a constant challenge, but it has saved my life. Today, I am in the best shape I’ve ever been, have dropped over 50 pounds in eighteen months, and my cholesterol count dropped 60 points. By following the diet, exercise, and therapeutic process, I have been transformed. My experience has been a metamorphosis like a butterfly being born from the cocoon; people I have not seen in the last two years do not recognize me. I exhibit health, wellness, and purpose. Most of all, though, I have been given hope. 

Leonard L.

Physicology gave me the gift of being present for my work. It made me realize that each project deserved thought, time, and effort, and was not there to be checked off of a to-do list. Once that viewpoint changed, so did everything else. My work improved, my income increased, and I finally got the praise that I so craved.

Chris O.

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